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, please come up. two minutes, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is steve, with tndc. we elected support steve, brad, and mara for their respective seats on the advisory committee. they bring a lot of skill sets that we feel will help round out the committee in quite a good balance with residence, with the resident seats as well. so thank you, again, for hearing this issue of the cac, and we hope we can move forward in a productive way on the midmarket issue. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is angelica. we're here to support eva, ste ven, arad, mara, jesus, and linda. we feel these individuals will truly represent the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. we hope you'll consider the application. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here to support eva, brad, and jesus. please consider their application for cac. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is lorenzo. i am here to support my friends. i know them. eva, jesus, and linda. a believe their good candidates for the cac. thank you so much. supervisor kim
you right in the pocket. >> absolutely, steve. the medicare and social security is absolutely front and center in the senior community. when you think about the super committee making decisions that are going to affect us, we're highly concerned about the -- the integrity with which those decisions will be made. will they really understand the needs of the senior community? will they really be thinking about seniors as they create legislation? one of the things that -- the promises made in the election of campaign of 2008, was that legislation would be open and transparent. >> good one. >> and -- >> whatever happened to that? >> to be a part of that, you know, and quite frankly, what concerns me most of all through this whole process is everything has been behind closed doors. we have no idea what's going on. >> right, and in fact, the president signed the bill yesterday privately. a picture was released from the white house but there wasn't a big ceremony. chris, going forward, i know you feel that your former commander in chief let you down. how? >> well, i think that we've u
night morning fog. it's mild around the bay. upper 80s. >>> steve, good morning. westbound highway 4 looks pretty good as you drive pittsburgh to antioch. morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza with no delay as you pay the money. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> antioch police have arrested the teenage boy who became the subject of a state- wide amber alert. this follows an armed robbery at a barbershop. paul chambers explains how the teenager changed from a victim to a robbery suspect. good morning, paul. >> reporter: we are live here in antioch outside the police department. it was first reported that since the robbery the 16-year- old did knot talk to police. that all came to an end yesterday. 16-year-old hasaan ford is in police custody. he was arrested yesterday afternoon. ford was involved in a robbery at the barbershop where he worked doing odd jobs. it was reported that he was abducted by the gunman that lead to a state-wide amber alert. it turns out he was safe at home. published reports say investigators found a sawed off shotgun and the stolen it
breeze. instead of 90 we will go 80. a lot of 80s to near 90s. now here's my good friend sal. >>> steve, good morning. that is a look at the south bay. northbound 280 traffic is looking pretty good. westbound 287 they are clearing an accident where a car avoided debris and ran into a wall. and also 680 traffic getting down to that part of the bay looks good. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. this week an armed robbery and apparent kidnapping at an antioch barbershop triggered an amber alert. paul chambers tells us this morning the entire case has been turned upside down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it's being reported that 16- year-old has admitted in taking part in the kidnapping that took place during the robbery. he was arrested tuesday afternoon at the barber. it's said the owner of the barbershop was alone when the gunman pointed a weapon at his head and threatened to shoot him. while this was happening ford returned from running an errand. that is when the shop owner said the gunman stole his key and wallet and appeared to force them into the suv at
to the coast. >> steve, good morning. traffic is doing well around the bay area. we are starting off with interstate 880 which looks pretty good. no major problems there. now if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it looks pretty good. out to the commute out to the high-rise and over to highway 101 this is a look at the commute there. also if you are driving out to the dumbarton bridge it looks good. and interstate 280 as we look at that, that traffic is off to a nice start heading out to highway 217. there is a little bit of road work but it's not causing big traffic delays. let's go back to craig. >>> antioch police have arrested the teenage boy that has become the subject of a state-wide amber alert. haas san ford was staken into custody yesterday. the teenager later turned up safe at home. ktvu paul chambers will have a live report in a few seconds. >>> this morning they will cliff a petition with 40,000 sunlights to a u.s. airways ticket counter at sfo demanding the airlines apologize to shawn mormon. charges were never filed. >>> palo alto police are investigating a string
for a moderate delay. >>> let's go to steve. >> well, already sunny for some. it looks like napa county fog- fry. only fog in southern sonoma county. solano looks fog-free. santa clara kind of 50/50. i've seen a bigger fog bank than that, maybe by tomorrow morning it will start to enhance. it will burn off fast. fog or sun. 50 or 60. mostly sunny by noon. sunny, nice to warm. 60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s. so we're getting back into a typical pattern. wily average for this -- really average for this time of year. warm to hot inland. 80s and 90s. cooler tomorrow as the system moves into the north. that will pick up the nothing and enhance it a little bit. there's still plenty offshore. low clouds will give way to sunshine today. the thunderstorm activity seems to be pushing off to the east and south. it was close a couple of days ago. 50s and 60s. a little bit more wind today. yesterday there were some calm conditions. had 40s in the north bay. west-southwest 20. that's a lot stronger than yesterday. san jose, mostly cloudy. but i think the fog will burn off fast. a little spin in the atmosphere. co
buchanan in washington. joining the table right now, though, finacier, steve. >> we've been hearing a lot over the past couple of days, a lot of democratic senators, commentators, some op-ed people telling us so much in slashing spending children will be kicked out of schools, parents will have to be feeding their children pine cones and wild berries. you got a chart. this is serious. it's unbelievable. they cut so much. i guess all of our long term debt problems are taken care of. let's take a look at what actually happened. so they did cut or were going to cut $2.1 trillion often years, back loaded and so on. this is a chart we looked at a couple of weeks ago. if you remember back in 2000 we had a surplus because tax revenues were 20.5% roughly. spending took off. you can see in the middle of that chart. spending at 28.1%. if we had done nothing -- >> for people at home the red line is the spending. the blue line is the revenues and they are going in the wrong direction. >> they are going in the wrong direction. let's look at the two top red lines. two top red lines would be what would
: steve knew -- newell accepted the signatures with. promise to send them on to management. the group acts as an advocate for black americans and supports the 22-year-old university of new mexico student arrested early back in june for not pulling up his sagging pajama bottoms. the naacp has sorted -- has supported the family from the beginning and came to speak at sfo. >> they thought we were gonna kid all over the runway with this movement and that we weren't going to get airborne. >> the airlines does not have a dress code for its passengers and yet u.s. airways' employees decided that their subjective understanding of appropriate tire should dictate whether or not he could stay on that plane. >> reporter: the woman you heard from represents color of change and she indict -- invited the man's mother to show the airline it needs to apologize and see what plans the airline has to make sure this never happens again. >> he's really grateful to the support he's getting, not only in san francisco but worldwide. >> reporter: we contacted u.s. airways and we're told they would get back to us. w
-a rating, and the final details of the debt deal are still unfinished. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: 11 hours before the deadline -- >> senate will come to order. >> reporter: the debt deal passed the senate easily. >> the yeas are 74, and the nays are 26. >> reporter: republicans celebrated. they say they won. >> the spending spree may actually, actually, be coming to an end. >> spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut. >> reporter: disrespondent democrats just got no default. >> almost everything else about this deal stinks. >> reporter: there's no new revenue, no tax hikes. >> for billionaires and multimillionaires to not be contributing to the arrangement we just made. >> reporter: president woim who signed the better averting default vowed to get the tax hikes that democrats demanded and do it this year. >> everyone is going to have to chip in. that's only fair. >> reporter: part of the debt deal is the super committee. 12 lawmakers who by december will virtually dictate deeper deficit reductions. president obama says that will require revenue hikes. >> reforming our t
? >> about 10 years. >> you have answered my questions. thank you. >> next, we have steve suzuki. >> good afternoon, members of the board. i've the executive director of asian neighborhood design. we are a nonprofit that has been located in the market street area probably for about the past 10 to 12 years. you provide technical, architectural services to many organizations. we also have a workforce of permit. i will speak to those two programs that we have. our component has been involved in the redevelopment agency and the city for the past 10 years or so on the improvement program. previously mentioned, some of the businesses are located on six street which is a very critical area. we are involved with pearls burgers and miss saigon. more than just providing the architectural services, this is action understanding the roots of what is going on in the neighborhood. the san francisco police department's substation is one of our projects and was mentioned before, we talked a lot with steve about the importance of that and stabilizing and providing a presence along sixth street. i think the
you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey jack kemp -- i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's check in with tony perkins this morning. >> i'm ready this morning. no flies in the air. >> your arms are prepared. five and a half hours. >> listen. some rain on the way. we'll see some rain showers move through here this morning and perhaps later on today as well. let's star with hd radar. not raining right here right now. it will be a couple of hours before that happens. but our viewers out to the west in portions of western maryland, west virginia, you are getting some rain and even some thunderstorm activity. some of that is beginning to move into front royal, hagerstown getting some showers. the panhandle of west virginia, some thunderstorms there. all of this is pushing southward, south and east so it will be coming through our area during these morning hours. right now, you are fine. but some more rain -- not more rain, some rain moving in. let's take a look at the temperatures. it is unusually warm right now at reagan national, 85 degrees. just holding on to the war
morning, august 3rd, glad you are with us i am steve >> i am alison seymour. >> yeah, felt cooler this morning don't know if that was my imagination. >> it will not be as hot today. >> tony perkens. >> actually a little warmer but humidity lower see what a big impact that has. >> yes. >> we have rain showers across portions of the area, hd radar they are getting closer to washington dc itself, starting to move inside the belt way a little spot of heavy rain, we are keeping our eyes on this throughout the course of the day as we continue to see periods of rain we have had some severe thunderstorms -- well, we had a severe thunderstorm warning for areas out to the west of the district for areas brought down big picture satellite radar you can see the movement of the system as it comes through the mid- atlantic region. mostly cloudy, with those rain showers popping up here and there. right now 84 degrees regan national, check that humidity, 56% winds out of the west 3 miles per hour. lots of clouds rain showers popping up here and there during the morning and afternoon and evening st
with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to have you with us. some perkins slide on in with a look at our forecast. >> instead of talking about temperatures, we'll start with our hd radar image so we can show you some of the precipitation moving through portions of the viewing area this morning. some of you off to the east are going what precipitation? it is all out to the west right now. some areas of rain, even some areas of thunderstorm activity out to the west of d.c. you can see the flashes there. you can see appear area of heavy rain really north and west of manassas and out towards front royal, came through front royal already. not much happening inside the beltway but before too long, i think we'll see a few showers move new here as well. so take the umbrella with you this morning. you may need it. you may need it later ontoday as well. current temperatures around the region. 84degrees at reagan national airport. 77 at dulles appear bw incident marshall is at 79 degrees. here what is we're looking for for
. the next item, steve johnson, doing business as underground sf. >> this has been in operation for some time. this is a bar in the lower 8 neighborhood. -- lower haight neighborhood. >> don't touch it. >> i have a really good relationship with the seller who has been facilitating the transfer of the business. he is here with me today. i am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for my neighborhood outreach. we are keeping the name the same come this jury staff the same, the bartender's the same. i really stepping in to replace sean's role. i have been a fan of this neighborhood anbar from the second that i opened this restaurant. i loved it when i went to college here. it has always been a dream of mine to start a small business. when this opportunity came before me, it was a perfect fit. i have a ton of respect for it. i have listened to the group for suggestions that they have to help keep the character. >> commissioners, questions. >> seeing none, >> i had a question. one thing that came to me is that you live right above the establishment. >> yes. in one part of
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't feel a thing. it feels solid. it feels stable. no pain. steve and i have had an amazing run. stevie is a hell of a caddy. no denying that. he's helped my career. and i think i helped his as well. we've been -- we've had a great partnership for 12 years, maybe more than that. won a bunch of tournaments. i felt it was time to change things up a bit. >> steve williams was most surprised by tiger's decision. red sox and indians at fenway last night. youkilis home run into the seats above the green monster. game tied at two. to the bottom of the ninth. jacobi ellsbury delivers a line drive to center field, jarrod saltalamacchia hustling around trying to score from second. great slide by the boston catcher. red sox win it on a walk-off. that was a walk-off win in the ninth. 3-2 is the score. yankees also won. still a game behind the sox in the a.l. east. >>> cardinals and brewers, good game. dangerous pitch. oh. drilled albert pujols in the hand. he would shake it off and stay in the game. that scares you. that was the head, actually. cardinals retaliate coming inside on ryan braun. you h
steve israel what he thinks of the debt deal and how it will play out for congressional members returning to the homefront for the next month. >> is it a great deal? no. but it's a done deal. these members of congress are going home, going back to their districts, and we will hold them accountable. >> most of what goes on in the hill, not most, i shouldn't say that what goes on on the floor is transparent. i saw happy faces on the republican side. boehner looks relieved, you guys are hanging heads, you're bowed down. i don't see the physical manifestation of a happy democratic party. am i missing something? >> who can be happy when you are in negotiation with people who said they are willing to destroy the economy of this country and pull it over the cliff. they may think they're happy on the floor but they're going home to their district and we're giving them an accountability august. we will ask them to defend the indefensible. i don't know what the weather service is saying about the temperature in august, but for these republicans it will be very, very hot. >> lean forward w
weirdness. >> steve: people are allowed to have costume parades. >> yes. >> stephen: people spend the night at your house, is that true? occasionally. okay is this a cult? are you dear leader father of a krult? do you have child brides? how much control do you have over those people? >> that's why we came up with our list of ten corps values. if you do a google list you can see what they are and it's not myself out there hiring people. it's actually everyone in the company knows what the corps values are. and they help, they make the business decisions based on the corps values in terms of what is right for the company and customers. >> stephen: the tphoerbgts says at times mr. hsieh comes across as an alien who has stud you'd human beings in order to live among them. [laughter] >> it is partially true. >> stephen: are we making news right now? >> tonight on this show i'm -- no, actually in delivering happiness there's a section that talks about the science of happiness. that's actually a really interesting part of psychology that i started reading up there's a lot of interesting parts from
. and while congress managed to avoid a default, investors worldwide are still jittery. steve handelsman has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: a victory lunch, the day after the federal government avoided default. president obama took white house staffers out for burgers to thank them for working long hours. then thanked his cabinet for helping craft a deal on the debt. >> we have now averted what could have been a disastrous blow to the economy. >> reporter: but u.s. stock markets opened lower. world markets fell. europe and asia, to their lowest levels this year. not fearing the debt agreement signed by the president was too small and short-term. in fact, the opposite. that $1 trillion in spending cuts will hurt the u.s. economy. even though the cuts are delayed to prevent that. now, a house/senate super committee has to find deeper deficit reduction. >> hopefully, we can all come to the table and sanity and balance will prevail. >> reporter: but defense secretary panetta warned, deeper pentagon cuts are completely unacceptable. house democrats say no to deepen titlement cuts. most repu
as we know it. federal judge in ohio ruled that former democrat congressman steve dryhouse can proceed with defamation lawsuit against pro-life group that was going to run negative political ads against him. the group was preparing to run the huge billboards, calling the guy out on his abortion record. he claims to be pro-life, which is a weird twist to the whole story. as soon as he threatened the lawsuit, the group pulled the ads. they never went up on the billboard. now a judge said you can go ahead. kimberly, you are the attorney here. i to ask you, this seems so bizarre to me. >> kimberly: is it really, though? >> monica: it's rough and tumble sports. listen, your opponent will lie about you no matter what. you should noah you are getting into, eyes wide open if you are going to run. >> kimberly: nevertheless, ads publicized by the media and they got play and he can say he was damaged. proof in the pudding, he lost. countersued by the organization saying you damaged us and we had to send money defending your frivolous lawsuit there is public outcry about ads. what happened with ra
does not make it any less of part of the human experience or any less unexplained. steve volk, the author of fringeology. obviously we have to know the story to get going here. >> i grew up with it as a kid. i was about 6 years old when the events happened, but i have some memory of them. it would happen only at night in the middle of the night. the kids upstairs, statistic parents downstairs. my sisters complained of worse things happening in their room, the blankets being pulled from their bed. the bed frame would shake as if somebody had grabbed the bedpost right through a closed door. now, my parents focused. not so much as dissolving but passing right through this. it dun financial -- it was too loud and went on for too long, long minutes. my father was a practices catholic time, and he had the priest come over and blessed the house, and the things were worse. the noise went on, longer or louder. we went downstairs, our parents were thinking of leaving for the night. at the hit tess top of the stairs and then came down one step at a time. >> come on, man. come on. >> yeah
>> de: much more. 6 to 9 tomorrow. >> steve: it will be a really big show. he'll be in the after the show show. log on right now. in the meantime, up we go to the 12th floor with "america's newsroom." bill: great show this morning. good morning. thought the debt deal was done, didn't you, america. we are deep in the woods on our financial issues. stock tumbling almost 266 points. a top credit agency putting the u.s. on a negative outlook. now word out of china that despite the deal, the u.s. failed to diffuse the debt bomb. that word out of chai and a half all places. alisyn: there are new concerns about america's economic future. president obama says he's looking towards jobs as a new report shows a surge in layoffs. more than 66,000 in july. >> we are still not dealing with the root cause of our problem this weakened economy and that's the overextend of our federal central eyed government. unfortunately our president is so off base in his thinking because all of his solutions have to do with growing more government and spending money we don't have on programs and departments an
, steve warned that if this devolves into revolutionary justice where there is a departure from dew due process t obviously this would be a stain on egypt's reputation, but i think what people in egypt may be afraid of is precisely the opposite, that the courts will get mired in due process and actually won't hold mubarak sufficiently accountable, either because of their kind of internal processes or because they've been directed by the military to not punish mubarak. so that i think is what people are worried about is they're worried that the court system may not punish mubarak as fully as people believe he needs to be punished. so there is this very delicate balancing act that has to happen. >> precisely what i mean by revolutionary justice and a desire for revenge, which you can understanding. this is why perhaps this trial in this way is not the best way of going about it. perhaps a truth in reconciliation commission, along the lines of what happened in south africa many years ago, may have been a better way to go. >> warner: because that would lay out all the abuse, how the secret
they are preparing for the possibility of more destruction. steve harrigan streaming live port-au-prince, haiti tonight with more on this storm. steve? >> shepard, the clouds are beginning to roll in here and this country is on red alert. whether emily turns out to be a tropical storm or a hurricane really doesn't matter so much. what they are worried about here in haiti is the rain. if they do get that torrential rainfall anywhere from 12 to 20 inches of rain it could prove to be very deadly. back in june heavy rains killed 20. these rains could be much worse. haiti is particularly vulnerable for a couple of reasons. for one thing, 600,000 people are basically living on the ground in tents as a result of last year's hurricane. another reason the country has almost all of its trees been cut down and a lot of the sewage and drainage is blocked one garbage. also, cholera has spread an outbreak here and of course that is a water born disease. a lot of factors make haiti particularly vulnerable for this storm. as far as the president goes, the newly elected sweet mickey, a one time pop singer. has
members of the house, u.s. congressman steve israel who backed the deal, and congressman barney frank who voted nay. >>> plus politics aside. let's look at what this deal did to the economy. wow. the dow fell 265 points today. it was down for the eighth day in a row. a first rough reaction. not a good one at what congress did. president obama says the deal will make things stronger, but if you want to know what happens when you cut government spending during tough times, take a look way back to 1937 during the new deal. we know how that story ends. >>> and the mittness protection program. mitt romney, the republican front-runner, the guy who says he can run a business and fix the economy, but he's been awfully quiet on the debt issue. call him a debt dodger. >>> finally, let me finish with mugger and the victim who got away this time. let's begin with what the tea party will do next time around. nbc political analyst david corn. and ron reagan is a political commentator. i want the gut reaction of both of you guys. how does your gut feel after you saw the senate vote down with a three qua
her vote, it was as if to say "gabby is back." >> reporter: of course, congressman steve israel knows she isn't quite back, and won't be for some time. giffords is still undergoing intensive physical therapy in houston, after being shot in the head in a tucson rampage that killed six. so she's walking very well now. her chief of staff was at the congresswoman's side last night. >> it was a very proud moment for her. it was really the only vote that mattered since the shooting and she didn't want to miss it. >> reporter: she confirmed today that team giffords is laying the ground work for a re-election bid in 2012. so giffords can run again if she feels ready. >> pelley: thank you, nancy. tropical storm emily is rolling through the caribbean, it's about 200 miles south of puerto rico, gaining strength as it moves west. forecasters say emily could reach south florida by the end of the week. in texas, there is a historic drought, and that has revealed a piece of american history. it is part of the space shuttle columbia, which broke apart on reentry in 2003, killing all seven members of
. it survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, but second generation owner steve cornell worries about surviving this economy. >> sometimes i lose sleep at night wondering will i be able to fund my payroll tomorrow and how can i do it? i don't want the checks to bounce. >> reporter: a new survey out today from the national small business association found that 88% of business owners expect the economy to be flat or in a recession over the next 12 months. only 29% say they expect to hire in that time. >> because they're not hiring individuals don't seat chances for them to get jobs in the future, so they're not spending. >> i got a great resume. >> reporter: sharon tatra has been out of work since january 2010. her unemployment benefits run out in six weeks. >> i have to remain positive, and be able to write cover letters and promote myself and try to get a job and not be in the fetal position on the floor crying my eyes out like i'm tempted to do. >> reporter: without her benefits, she doesn't know how she'll pay her rent or buy food. >> you grow up thinking if you're a good person, and you work
, steve handlesman. >> well we may be out of the woods, the debt debate continues. our survey shows president obama ranking slightly better than republicans in congress. overall many say they are sick and tired of how everyone on capitol hill handled the situation. you can cash your vote on >> ammonium lead to a dangerous case of rage on i-83. -- pandemonium lead to a dangerous case of road rage on i-83. police say the suspect attacked her and dragged her to the side of the road and threatened her life. he is described as a clean- shaven white male in his 20s. he has a tan complexioned, thin, muscular build and dark eyes and dark hair. anyone with information is asked to call the maryland state police. >> in tonight's education alert, baltimore city is trying to reach the parents of more than 8000 students to ride the bus to school. they are concerned that some of the kids may have moved over the summer, and that could cause troubles once it times -- comes time for school to start. >> city school officials say they need to find out in the next week or so at the latest if
prevention bureau could face firing for alleged fraud. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... >>nancy loo is live with the report on the north side ... >>at an event here just a while ago mayor emmanuel said he was looking forward to the inspector general's report of expense pad and within the fire protection bureau ... the inspector would not comment on that chicago sun times report but he did say that he uncovered six figures in fraud among these fire prevention inspectors mayor emanuel expects that there will be systematic change and more discipline to follow >>this has a history it is repetitive after reading when i read today it's been feeling like groundhog day it's not just a personal issue is a cultural issue and i have sent a directive to deal with it and get to the root of it >>firing would lead to grievances and legal fees that would exceed what was uncovered and the scale of the abuse but a zero tolerance policy will definitely be put in place ... summer
. >> and that's what we are you hearing from a lot of people out here. let's talk to steve who runs this place. you have been following the news in washington. what do you think the debt deal will do for the workplace and for people out there looking for a job? >> well, i think at present it creates uncertainty for workers and employers. people don't know whether they will be able to hire people. >> certainly, the news 69 cutbacks and spending certain programs as well. we have seen so many people come here looking for a job. what do you say to them? >> i say while it's a difficult even environment, we certainly -- what they can do is access a center such as ours. there are 18 operated within the city of los angeles, and 13 within the county of los angeles so definitely try to access the centers -- >> go to a local job center. what else would you say are good tips for people looking for a job? >> also, identify in demand occupations and train for the occupations, and also to get a leg up within the industry that they are interested in, they might consider unpaid intern ships or paid work experi
, steve? >> find out if it's possible to change votes, because by my math, this can be bad. i don't think they can pass it now with the remaining no votes being 17. >> wall street believed congress would pass the bailout package, then a wild day before the dow closed down 777 points a 7% drop. >> a 7% drop, biggest one-day point drop in the history of the market. that was september 29, 2008. again, the context there was that there was a deal on the table to save the economy. the house voted no and that's how the markets reacted. well, today, nearly three years later, again, there was a deal on the table to save the economy. this time congress voted yes and the markets reacted exactly the same way. >> we've got about ten minutes to go here before the closing bell and it's a bit of a blood bath. dow down 257 points. >> maybe wall street's sending a signal to washington. >> yeah. >> today after congress voted to raise the country's debt ceiling and thereby avoid catastrophic national default, the market fell off a cliff. the dow lost 265 points, its eighth consecutive day in the red and its
soon. and mail keeps talking. >> bill: some will find a way steve. mark from alaska. >> bill: there you go. >>> it's attributed to john adams ideology is based on hopes and witches. >> bill: that's good to hear. you like that kind of research. damon is a generous guy and he is putting his money where his mouth is. can't complain. >> bill: miller invited me to the show? is that what you are saying bob, really? premium tickets are sold out at westbury on august 20th, you can check it all out, we have an appearance in richmond and atlanta city at our website more information. >> bill: the use the word pinhead is now everywhere down here. finally tonight. the troubled actress lindsay lohan apparently needs money. she signed to promote the country of new zealand. >> its beautiful island, movie star and loving jewelry. a gift for you it's a guy from new zealand. [ applause ] >> you didn't have to do that. thank you. >> this is for you. >> bill: don't we're, they are all paid for the puppet wise guy. i would have slapped that puppet. and they qualify her as a pinhead but we're giving her a bre
? steve king and illinois congressman adam kingsinger. >> great to be here. first of all, paul was generous with his time last night and explained this, congressman king. he is saying in fact it couldn't happen. speaker baish was saying the same thing as well. is that your take on this that there can't be tax increases but it won't happen? >> technically it can. their analysis of the political analysis that it won't happen. it won't happen because the alternative minimum tax and bush taxes are set to expire at the end of year that chris about $3.5 trillion increase and any tax increases they would add in to come up $1.5 trillion in saving would have to eclipse that number and it would be impossible to do that. that is the calculus and the other side is the president is deciding to veto that would end the tax brackets. >> they are telling their side today, harry ride and president obama is going to raise taxes. what is fascinating to me is that the cbo scoring, because the bush tax cuts expire 2013. they are scoring the budgets to assume that this will be the largest tax increas
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